TRS/RT-5100 Cable Install

Installation of the serial communications cable for the TRS-5100ΒΆ
This section will assist in the connection of the serial cable from the RT-5100 relay box to the computer.

There are two types of connections.

Direct communications port on the pc
USB to Serial converter

Note: You will need a small phillips head and flat head screw driver to complete the installation.
TRS Image1
Remove the 4 corner screws of the longer panel
and the thumb screw holding the door shut.
Once these are removed, carefully remove
the panel and set it aside. (Fig. 1.1)

TRS Image 2
Route the cable through the opening displayed
in Fig. 1.2.

TRS Image 3
Plug the round (8pin) end of the supplied cable
into the marked port in Fig. 1.3. Be sure
not to force the connection, the cable is
designed to only fit one way.

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