Epic 5100 Cable Install

Using the switch on the main table, raise the table to the highest position. (Fig. 2.1)

Locate the “Table Tunnel” and remove the 4 screws, two on each side. (Fig. 2.2)

Pivot the tunnel up and set aside. (Fig. 2.3)

Unplug the main power cable. (Fig. 2.4)

Unscrew the single screw under the power connection on the main table. (Fig. 2.5)

Pivot the panel out from the bottom, slightly lift up and bring the panel down and out. (Fig. 2.6)

Locate the junction box in the bottom of the foot of the main table. (Fig. 2.7)

Route the cable under the foot (follow the exiting cables) and plug into the junction box in the marked port. (Fig. 2.8)

Reverse procedure to reassemble.

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